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First post!

( I LOVE the idea of so many Toma's in a pic.. fab idea, I can imagine how this shot was taken.. must have been so much fun, and would have shocked Toma when he saw the final output)

So, I thought it is better to finally enter something here. Poor journal left empty for over an year. I honestly didn't know what to fill back then, an I don't have the slightest clue even now. And probably won't even in the future, as to what would be the best way to write a first entry. Therefore, I thought, if not now, never.
This post is going to be
nothing special, I wonder if I should even introduce myself, considering no one even reads this(even I won't come back here in a few days xD), but because I have nothing else on my mind to write about now, I'll go ahead with the introduction. I don't even know what to talk about. (Though there is this drama I'm watching that I want to talk about, but it's YamaPi's and not Toma's so I wonder if it would be sort of a betrayal if I spoke about that before writing anything about Toma- the reason why this journal exists in the first place... Hmmm).

1. My name is Kavya, and I'm from India.
2. Currently doing my
engineering in Computer Science, final sem( hardly 2 months until I graduate and am out of college T_T Weird isn't it, how when we were in school we couldn't wait to get into college, and then from college to work, but after we actually get there, we realize how much we actually miss everything.. how we realize the value of something/someone after it's no longer in our reach)
Update- I am working now, apparently. xD
3. I talk rubbish most of the times, which makes people into thinking I'm like a kid. The fact that my feelings show on my face entirely do not help either.
4. My nicknames include
kid, kv, kavi, kabab, kavu, kav(kav sounds totally like the sound a crow makes :-/), bunny(apparently I look like Bugs Bunny.. 'Eh... What's up, doc?') and other such stupid variations. It has honestly been quite a while until I've heard my friends call out my real name. :D But I cherish these names, and have given these very people equally horrible nicknames xD
Update- In the past year, I have earned few more names such as 'Gonichila'(which means rucksack, I actually greeted my non-japanese-fan friedns with 'konnichiwa' and they misheard it as gonichila.), gudiya, 100 ml, etc. God I miss all these people. T_T
5. I'm a fan of Toma Ikuta. Describing him would take an eternity so I'll not say anything else about him. :D
I talk. A lot. Once I get to know someone properly, I'll talk. Until then, you'll think I hate socializing. Which is not completely false either. I'd rather sit back at home with a couple of friends than go someplace trekking or stuff with acquaintances.(Or maybe I'll pull these friends along there :D) I love spending time with myself too. I talk with myself in my head and sometimes don't realize that I'm smiling like an idiot while walking on the road alone. xD
Update- I don't know myself anymore. No, it's not a depressing thing. If anything, it's a challenge. :)
7. I love photography, and right now, GIF-making. Only if they had sounds. And music too, Indian especially. For me, it's so beautiful, that I can never forever separate it from being a part of my life. Recently, though, I have started listening to jpop and kpop. I love Arashi and SS501 as people and like their music, but I'm falling for KinKi Kids' music more and more.
Update- Nino has a new fan in me. A gaming addict, composing and writing such beautiful songs, I dunno- he is like that one example that disproves all those people saying things like ,' you have to be focused on just one thing and playing all day is bad, and addiction is bad and it makes you idle, and your creativity dies and what is the point of this' and shit. As someone's quote goes, 'Never worry about what you are escaping from, only what you are escaping to.' And fandom has taught me so much, I'll never regret any of my hobbies, even if there was no 'use' of it.

I guess that's more information than required that I've shared already, and enough to last a month(Update-hahahaha) atleast.
Just look at this post- all ME ME ME ME , screaming about myself. Urghhh, I hope I don't have to do this again. Anyway, sorry for wasting your time. Hope you'll enjoy my Toma tumblelog better though. :)

And for someone who said at the beginning that 'I don't have much to talk about', I just wrote so much. Wow, I'm also a
hypocrite. Well, I knew that. :P

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